Abha Seva Sadan

A Medical Project and Yoga Meditation Center at Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit in Jamalpur, India

-Dispensary for All-round Health, Welfare, Yoga, Meditation, Diet and Natural Remedies

Abha Seva Sadan Center Construction as of November 2023


Shrii Shrii Anandamurti jii – Baba, is the revered Founder and Spiritual Guru of Ananda Marga, the international social spiritual organization. He was born on Vaeshakhi/ Buddha Purnima in the month of May 1921. In October 2017, Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha started A Global Model Project – “Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit” in Baba Nagar – Jamalpur, the birthplace of Baba. This project includes a spiritual center and education, medical, social welfare, art, yoga and ideal farm program for the all-around welfare of whole beings.


On 26 May 2021, A’nanda Purn’ima’, His Centennial Birth Anniversary, we were laying of the foundation stone for the noble project, “ABHA SEVA SADAN”, the first project in Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit. Then soon on June 24, we started the “ABHA SEVA SADAN” building construction. Presently, there is no proper hospital in this area-Jamalpur. When people get sick, they have to go up far to reach the Civil Hospital in Munger from this area. For many local poor people in Jamalpur, they don’t have the capacity to go to the hospital. So, we want to start medical and social welfare project as soon as possible to serve suffering people in the nearby 10 villages in Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit, Baba Nagar- Jamalpur.


“ABHA” which means splendor, is the name of Baba’s mother, Shrii Mati ABHA RANI (the queen of splendor). After Baba’s mother passed away, Baba had a wish to build a hospital to serve the su­ffering people in Jamalpur to commemorate His mother.


We will follow the ideology given by Baba: “The object of the art of healing is to cure a patient, both physically and mentally. The key task is the welfare of the patient, specific herbs and natural medicines along with other useful healing methods.” Patients in ABHA SEVA SADAN will receive natural therapy, homeopathy, fasting and detoxification, and other alternative therapies, as well as a combination of yoga, meditation is spread through those treatments. Patients will receive physical, psychic, and spiritual all-around treatment. In addition to, there will be available also allopathic doctor and medicine for the patients in special situations. ABHA SEVA SADAN will serve the local community, along with those who are exhausted by modern society all over the world. The core purpose of this dispensary is that we can take care of people in different and comprehensive ways. Hence, we expect that this building will bring people’s hope and a new life. This is the primary idea we are working for.


Architecture planning

We plan to build a ground floor with 2-stories building. The building scale is about 34.5 meters long and 27.2 meters wide. The building has been planned around a central, open-to-sky courtyard- the scale is about 14.2 meters long and 4.8 meters wide, and has a common verandah circling the outside of the building, to adapt to the local hot summer climate, and provide good natural lighting, rain protection, shade shelter, and ventilation. The building consists of: a Medical Dispensary, a Small Meditation Hall, a Large Meditation and Yoga Hall, Office, Kitchen and Dining, and 12 rooms with attached toilets that can provide multi-purpose medical and residential use and a common verandah on all sides. The second floor is planned as a large multi-purpose space with 6 bathrooms. When necessary, partition walls can be set up as separate rooms; the unshaded terrace on the second floor will be used for open space meditation and equipped with solar panels and water tanks.


Budgets and Finance

The source of income is only from donations. The total budget to complete the construction of the entire building, as per the Local Engineer, Contactor, and Local Coordinator is approximately Rupees 5.25 Crore (equivalent to US$665,000, NT$ 21 million at this moment. The budget may go up till the completion of construction, due to the construction cost index (CCI).


We have spent about Rupees 1.8 Crore (equivalent to US$228,000, NT$7.2 million). The construction of the building is now in progress for the ground and first floors. Finishing work on the Ground Floor has begun and the construction of the structure for the first floor is underway. The remaining funds we need are about Rupees 3.45 Crore (equivalent to US$437,000, NT$13.8 Million). We are in urgent need of your kind assistance to complete the hospital construction plan. I hereby appeal to you to help us to accomplish this noble project together. Thank you very much!


Souvenir of ABHA SAVE SADAN on Oct 2022-Construction Photos from the beginning on June 2021 untill Oct 2022 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QGABd6ThwsbUo6SJ3ngj9ofcELNsmCMS/view?usp=share_link

Newsletter of ABHA SAVE SADAN on May 2023-Construction Photos from Oct 2022 untill May 2023 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ARa2phttJ6JPUJDfI3_2DHId6O4-p3yF/view?usp=share_link




Bank: E. Sun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan

Swift Code: ESUNTWTP

Bank Adress: No.115 and 117, Sec.3, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei City 10546, Taiwan

BENEFICIARY’S A/C. No.: 0989441021019

BENEFICIARY’S Name: Taiwan Ananda Marga Foundation


BENEFICIARY’S Address1F., No. 59, Changchun St., Hsinchu City , 300073, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Please specify: “Abha Medical Dispensary”


Please give your loving heart for this project! If you want to donate in other way, please contact us.


Contact Us

Contact in Chinese

Chairman of the Foundation


林崇銘 Cidatma

+886 0988-309-446


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